Thursday, March 17, 2011

Event on Saturday, March 19th @Union Square!



日時:3/19日 土曜日 10AM - 3PM
場所:ユニオンスクエア,  NY

We, "Hope for Japan," wish to deliver messages from people outside Japan and express our concerns, thoughts, and prayers for those in Japan.

This coming Saturday, March 19th, we will have an event @Union Square in NY, to gather wishes and encouragements.  The messages will be written on small pieces of fabric which will be patched together on site and sent to Japan.
We will also be doing a photographic and video coverage of the people and their
messages which will also be brought to Japan through our blog.

Please come visit us to bring your messages and support for Japan!

Date/Time: 3/19 Saturday, 10AM - 3PM
Location: Union Square, NY


  1. I was on 14th today .. very touching
    May They All Rest In Peace
    God Bless Japan

  2. Dear EddieMambo,
    Thank you very much for your warm comment!