Saturday, May 28, 2011

6/11 Sat @ Union Square! Creating Seed of Hope #2

8am update: it may look like a little rain, but we are still going through with the event today. Please come write your messages to Fukushima at Union Square 11am-4pm. If it pours and we are forced to change location, please contact Koko at 818-636-3568.
Hope to see you :)


June 11, 2011 marks exactly 3 months after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. In the midst of the disaster aftermath, there are many people who are still grieving for lost ones and facing the challenges of a difficult recovery to come. We wish to deliver your prayers, thoughts, drawings and words of encouragement to these people on these pieces of cloth. 
After stitching all pieces of cloth together to make one big flag,we are planning to send it to the people of Fukushima. Please note that we do not intend to condemn or condone nuclear power or to make a statement of the fragile situation there. We would like to focus solely on the people who are currently struggling in Fukushima. Many people in Fukushima are living with uncertainty and worry, with very minimal means to get by. Please think of them as you write your message.



場所:ユニオンスクエア NYC

Date and Time: June 11, 2011 11am-4pm
Location: Union Square, NYC

In the event of rain, we will be postponing the event to Sunday, June 12. Decision to carry out or postpone will be made by 8am that day--please check our facebook page or blog for updates. If it continues to rain on Sunday, an alternate location will be posted on our facebook page and blog by 8am on Sunday.

雨天の場合は翌日(6月12日日曜日)に延期します。6/12も引き続き雨の場合は、場所を変更してイベントを行います。両日とも、当日の朝8時までに決行の可否、詳細を掲示いたしますので、HopeforJapan Facebookページ、またはこのブログをご確認ください。

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