Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seed of Hope #1 was delivered and received by the Tohoku region of Japan!!

It is a pleasure to see that our first flag--Seed of Hope #1--has been sent and accepted in Iwate Prefecture of Japan!! On May 16, the flag made by Hope For Japan and hundreds of those who helped contribute to messages was officially received by the governor's office in front of many people. It will now be routed to shelter homes in the Hanamaki region. Our work has been picked up by Yahoo news.
Our wish is for the people there to know and feel that we are still caring for them.  The fight to recovery is a long one, and it is our mission to make sure that we, in New York, are supporting for the long haul as well. 
ニューヨーク岩手県人会の方々のご協力により、みなさまのメッセージをつなぎあわせた旗「Seed of Hope #1」が5月16日に無事、岩手県NPO・文化国際課に寄贈されました。これから県を通して花巻温泉の避難所に届けられます。このことをいち早く、ヤフーニュースが取り上げてくださいました。
たくさんの暖かいメッセージが含まれた旗に私たちの思いが託されています。 復興が長期戦になるのは否めないから私たちのサポートも長期に渡るものである、という気持ちで今後も活動を続けていきたいと思います。

With the flag of hope, the posters above with photos of people who contributed to the flag were sent to the shelter as well.


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